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Lumidaire Cream :- The eyes draw the most attention but aging cruelly puts an end to the beauty by marking creases and furrow lines around the eyes. However, Lumidaire Cream claims to help you preserve the beauty of your eyes by providing plump hydration, ample antioxidant nourishment and comprehensive botanicals support to trigger regeneration. But how much truth is there to the promises? Can the formula be really that good and not have a single side effect? Well, we had a whole batch of queries when we first came across the cream so here is everything you want to know about the cream.

Lumidaire CreamWhat is Lumidaire Cream?

Claimed to be 100% natural and effective on boosting natural radiance of the skin, Lumidaire Cream is a topical anti-aging solution for enhancing natural glow of the eye skin. Sold exclusively online, the cost of the cream puts it in the luxurious products category. The official website informs that the cream received New Beauty product choice award and is manufactured in USA to ensure highest quality of ingredients.

  • 29% decrease in wrinkle depth within 30 days of regular application
  • 81% collagen IV synthesis enhancement within 2 weeks of regular application
  • 32% development in furrow reduction mechanism within 28 days of application

The cream has been developed specially for the eye skin area thus can be applied in morning (for day time application) and also for overnight purpose to soothe the stress. The primary function of the cream is to enhance skin’s protection against free radical cells. Lumidaire Cream triggers not only control of the oxidation causing free radical cells but also locks in layers of hydration within the sensitive skin without hurting its natural texture.

What are Lumidaire Cream ingredients? How does the formula work?

Polymoist-PS is the central ingredient with few other others. However, the Polymoist-PS complex is the primary element of the cream that helps in enabling maintenance of the skin through acquiring substantial hydration within the cells. Lumidaire Cream  works on the eyes skin to remove the furrow lines, crows’ feet, creases that form on the lids and around eyes, etc and it does so through prevent the structural and internal dryness.

The ingredient is famous for its natural ability to allow better consumption and supply of hydration within the skin cells so the dry patches are altered. Reports have shown that Lumidaire Cream ingredients work better than other conservative hydrating agents choices.

Other than this complex, the cream contains antioxidants and peptides blend that works to prevent the oxidation process. This blend seeks to help the skin cells get revitalized so it aids in boosting radiance of the skin naturally as collagen is secreted and skin cells with healthier fibroblasts. Numerous marine botanicals are also used in the product to counter the damage of photoaging and texture pigmentation so the skin is lightened and appears even.

How to use?

Specifically formulated to suit the nourishment needs of the eye skin, Lumidaire Cream will work on the rest of the face to since it utilizes a special blend of ingredients for enhancing the elasticity. However, you will receive best results when applied only on the eyes.

Gently, wipe your face clean of all makeup and dirt. Remember to not be very harsh on the eyes and then apply some cream around the eyes and on the eye lids. Rub the cream in round motions and then close your eyes for 5-10 minutes. Once the cream has been well absorbed into skin, you can apply makeup or other products but it is best to apply it alone for overnight soothing purpose.

Are there any side effects? Are all ingredients proven?

No, there are no damaging effects to using Lumidaire Cream. The blend of marine botanicals and antioxidants along with the hydrating complex has been tested for all results and possible damaging results. Independent research has shown the ingredients in positive light, stating that they work on all skin types and are highly suitable for eye skin anti-aging purpose.

Lumidaire Cream Pros

  • Works on al skin types
  • Removes puffiness, crows’ feet and all other aging concerns of eyes skin
  • Contains only tested ingredients
  • Easy to use
  • Fast absorbing, light molecular formula
  • All natural
  • Zero chemicals or unhealthy ingredients used
  • Manufactured in USA
  • Simple trial option allows free of cost 14 days availability


  • High cost
  • Might take long to remove pigmentation in some cases

How much does it cost?

Lumidaire Cream is available for $87.95 but by paying only shipping cost of  $3.95, you can sign up for the trial. Duration of the trial is 14 days but remember that you will be charged when it gets over. So, if you like your results, you can keep it and pay the full amount on 15th day of making order or you can call and inform the customer representative team of Lumidaire Cream that you don’t intend to keep it or the subsequent orders if you don’t like your results.

Is it recommended?

Yes, we recommend using Lumidaire Cream and we based our conclusion over these factors:

Are the ingredients good enough?

All ingredients are potent, tested and have light molecules. The amount of ingredients used is also suitable making them a healthy synergistic formula that gets absorbed into skin fast.

Is the cost worth the results? Are there results durable

Women we spoke with about their results said that they have been applying Lumidaire Cream for 8 months and they still have healthy results.  We asked these women how they felt about the cost and they weren’t too happy but said that the results had been good enough to justify such high cost.

If you were to compare the cost of the cream with anti-aging luxury treatments then it would probably seem affordable but if you are looking for a healthy moisturizer for the eyes then it would be a big high.

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