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Advanced iQAdvanced iQ :- A lot of “brain-boosters” are sold online but most of them have caffeine to make the brain focus. However, no mental performance developing ingredients are used in such products which is why their results subside soon as the user starts discontinuing the product. Advanced iQ has the most suitable ingredients that impact directly the brain and enable healthy enhancement of cognitive abilities. Every batch of the supplement has been tested for the safety and efficacy so it functions better than the others. But does it really work? Find out.

What is Advanced iQ? What does it do?

Hailed as a breakthrough in the supplement industry, Advanced iQ is among the best pills for boosting he natural memory and focus as well as mood. It claims to help in encouraging the stable and balance development of the brain health. It promises to dramatically develop the memory and mood and it does so through the blend of proven ingredients it supplies to the body. It has a combination of such ingredients that trigger strong mood development so with a positive mood, it makes the user focuses better in the necessary direction.

Normally, due to the dwindling neurotransmitters, the brain tends to lose the prowess to make the energy so exhaustion sets in and brain faces god. But this supplement promises to clear the brain of all such issues and develops the overall cognitive ability.

Is Advanced iQ formula safe? Can it be taken with medications? Do you need a prescription?

It is recommended that whenever you begin dosage of a medicine or supplement, consulting a physician is recommended. Many users often use OTC meds without consulting but this may backfire as many times OTC meds are substandard and self-medication is never a wise step. In addition, if you are taking another supplement or medicine with or without prescription then it is best to seek professional advice before you settle on using any sort of supplement.

Although the ingredients used in the formula of Advanced iQ are perfectly safe and have been recommended in natural medicine too so you won’t have to worry but considering talking to an expert would be a suitable course of action when you choose to begin taking it.

Are there any side effects?

Advanced iQ has been found to trigger nausea or stomach discomfort when taken in excessive proportions or when taken on empty stomach. So users should follow the dosage guidelines strictly and never take the capsule on empty tummy. It is best taken with food and during noon time.

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Is the formula suitable for everyone?

Advanced iQ ingredients have been proven through clinical trials whose results showed that they are among the best ingredients for memory and focus development. It enhances cognitive function and helps in keeping the exhaustion of the brain at bay.

What are the ingredients in Advanced iQ? How does the formula work?

Every serving of Advanced iQ contains 450mg of Sulbutiamine, Rhodiola Root, L-Theamine, N Acetyl N Carnitine, Huperzine A and Kava Extract.

The ingredients are naturally adept at boosting the flow of neurotransmitters in the brain so the balance it develops the positivity of the mood. It keeps the brain feeling active and wards off the exhaustion by developing cognitive function.

Recommended dosage

Do not take more than 1 or 2 capsules in noon or morning time every day. If you end up skipping of dose then don’t overdose the next time and just stick to the usual dose. Many uses who we spoke with said that it keeps them awake in noon time especially when they face cravings post lunch. Many said that it fills them up with certain energy and they just love taking it during morning time so they can start a day with enthusiasm and focus. Remember to take the capsules with a meal and a glass of water.

Also, when taking it, make sure that you keep the body hydrated.

Who sells it?

Live Cell Research which is a Neutraceutical company from Los Angeles, California sells it and it has been developing high quality supplements for a long time.  The company doesn’t have any sort of complaints against it and has a high rating on the customer service charges.

Will there be any sort of allergic reactions with Advanced iQ?

Taking Advanced iQ won’t result in any sort of allergic reactions caused by gluten or lactose. It is allergen-free and is packaged followed stringent quality procedures. Furthermore, every capsule is vegetarian and safe for daily consumption in only and short term. It is also free of any sort of stimulants and doesn’t have any caffeine or any toxic agents either. The ingredients are fully free of fillers and binders making this formula suitable for daily use.

How to order and how much does Advanced iQ cost?

Shipping is done from Monday through Friday and within 24 hours of having received the order. A risk free 90 day guarantee is offers so you can have a safe investment and not worry about losing money if this doesn’t work for you. The guarantee is no questions asked but you will just have to send your empty bottles to the manufacturer address. All information on the process of returning is offered on the page for return policy at the official website of Advanced iQ.

The cost for one bottle of the supplement is $49.95 after a 28% discount as per the ongoing offer. You can buy more bottles at a reduced cost and enjoy the safety of guarantee period.

Is it recommended?

Advanced iQ has all the suitable ingredients that are useful for keeping the brain active and healthy. It has zero side effects and no stimulants either. In addition, it can be used in the long term for healthy and stable active brain results. Many users of all age groups have stated that they love taking the formula as it has helped them develop their cognitive ability.

Yes, we recommend using it.

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